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Impartial and independent investigation

Integrity investigations follow integrity incidents or the suspicion thereof. An investigation provides insight into the facts (what) and circumstances (why) and into the role of the people and parties involved (whom). The results of the research are used to determine follow-up actions. These can have major consequences for both individuals and organizations, such as reputational and fincial damage. For this reason, a Lakatos research assignment is always linked to an impact analysis. This prevents research initiatives from getting out of hand and losing control of the situation.

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Integrity risk analysis

Where does your organization stand when it comes to identifying and managing the most important integrity risks? Experience shows that some risks are on the organizational radar and other risks have sometimes remained unconsciously out of the picture. For example, a fraud risk can include control measures and risks of undesirable behaviour in the organization can be a blind spot. Lakatos has the methods to detect risks and provide insight into the extent to which these risks are controlled.

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Integrity policies and corporate integrity

No policy, no control. After all, if the organization does not have principles and requirements in terms of integrity, the compass to sail is missing. Recent Dutch media incidents show the damage this can lead to. Prevention starts with setting standards and protocols. How do you arrive at a workable standard? How to ensure that policies are adhered to? What about monitoring? Lakatos is happy to help answer these questions and supports to reshape integrity management.

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External Integrity Services

Are you considering taking integrity management to a higher level but lacking the available capacity? Lakatos provides external integrity services. This includes external counselors, ombudsman services, support for investigative committees, setting up a trust committee. Contact us for more information.

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What questions do customers ask us?

“Help us with an integrity scan of our organization”

“Which integrity risks should we as an organization be prepared for?”

“We suspect fraudulent practices carried out by one of our employees. Please inquire”

“Develop preventive measures against undesirable behavior with us”

“Help us create and enforce an integrity policy”

“How do we meet the requirements of our regulators and what has become the social norm”

“Provide us external confidential advisors”

“How do we comply with international sanctions regulations?”

“Help us make concrete what 'the limit' is for us, for transgressive behavior”

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