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About Lakatos



Integrity incidents have many faces. Undesirable behaviour, socially improper behaviour, fraud, money laundering and corruption are just a few examples of this. For whatever appearance, in general: better safe than sorry. Lakatos has the expertise to prevent incidents and manage risks. Central to our approach:

Risk profile, Set standards, Control, Protocolize and Investigate.

If  control fails - or does not exist at all - Lakatos is your partner to guide the organization after an incident and go through follow-up in a systematic way. Most of the time, it means more than just investigating and concluding. Targeted communication, careful analysis and a proper assessment of reputational risks are ingredients for effective incident management.


Leading in integrity management

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Lakatos founders Martin van Manen and Sjoerd Vredenberg are convinced that the scope of what we consider to act with integrity is in full swing. And that's a good thing. It's much more than just what law makers think. The norm of what "we as a society" think is becoming increasingly clear. Public opinion plays an important, guiding role. Actions linked to MeToo, recent integrity incidents in Dutch media (The Voice, DWDD) and the investigations into undesirable behaviour among political parties and democratic institutions are just a few examples of this.

A changed scope requires new answers and a different approach. Lakatos' mission is to be at the forefront of that approach. Integrity management re-thought.

Both Van Manen and Vredenberg have built up broad experience in various positions, roles and sectors in the areas of integrity, risk management, financial crime, security matters, compliance and governance.

Lakatos has a large and diverse network of integrity specialists, including forensic investigators, compliance specialists, lawyer-investigators, cyber specialists and behavioral experts.


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