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  • Sj. (Sjoerd) Vredenberg

Working on integrity

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Authors Sj. (Sjoerd) Vredenberg en M. (Martin) van Manen

Announcement of a new joint activity under the name Lakatos!

We are going to combine our many years of knowledge and experience in the area of risk management, integrity, compliance and governance. From an integrated vision on integrity.

We have become excited about the possibility of using proven approach to the existing integrity domain, to get grip on the 'new' types of risks and incidents as well.

Our services

Are are looking for impartial and independent investigations due to an alleged incident?, Or in getting support in determining ‘the red line’? Do you have questions about setting up control? From today on we are available!

That applies also to hiring external integrity services. This includes external confidants, ombudsman services, support for committees of inquiry, support in disputes, development and supervision of incident and sanction committees.

As of today the Lakatos-website is available. And of course we appreciate it if you become follower of the Lakatos LinkedIn-omgeving.

Lakatos, by the way, was a mathematician, physicist and philosopher of science. He had a balanced view on the usefulness and necessity to leave room within one’s research program for the option you being wrong...

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